The London Bitcoin Exchange was born from 2 years of research after its founders realised that there was a huge gap in the crypto currency market from a customer support and customer service aspect. 

Currently exchange's have a system that is very slow, dated and not in line with the blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency has the advantage over fiat currency and banks for speedy transactions, yet when you have a problem and take out a support ticket on current exchanges, you can wait anywhere from days to weeks for a reply. This makes absolutely no sense to us as communication is paramount to any business, which is why any customer who takes out a support ticket with the London Bitcoin Exchange will receive a reply within 24 hours guaranteed!

We also felt that that buying bitcoin as well as alt coins can be extremely difficult and over complicated on many sites and exchanges. Customers are made to jump through hoops with limited communication, which leaves them feeling frustrated. Our research confirmed that a high number of people give up eventually and to try and buy again at later date from a different exchange, only to face the same problem all over again.

Bank transfers to current exchanges are via (SEPA) (or the Single Euro Payments Area) and are to European banks, these paymentscan take 3-5 days to arrive making the process very long winded. This is even more evident when it’s time to turn your crypto currency back to fiat currency, a process that again can take 3-5 days depending on what jurisdiction you are in.

Bank transfers arrive with London Bitcoin Exchange the following day if the transfer is made before 11am.

Debit card payments are processed immediately.

The London Bitcoin Exchange is leading the way in demonstrating a high level of customer service and customer support that all exchange’s will be expected to offer in the future.

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